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Strategic Plan

Supporting culture.

Executive Summary

FORWAARD Aboriginal Corporation, is a not for profit, Aboriginal controlled business, providing alcohol and drug rehabilitation services in a secure environment, that is culturally appropriate and supportive of efforts at rehabilitation, for mostly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. FORWAARD provides diverse community focused rehabilitation programs, assisting people to integrate back into society and reconnecting with their community and families.

Over the life of this strategic plan:

  • We will build on our relationships with stakeholders, maintaining our status as a leader in this sector. Providing appropriate health, rehabilitation and wellbeing services, which are responsive to the needs of our clients.  

  • We will deliver on our purpose through a strategy that considers our social impact through client empowerment and our operational resilience sustainable through our business model

  • We will build on our strengths, and maintain our status as being a centre of choice for both clients and staff

Strategic Targets


Stakeholder Engagement

FORWAARD recognises that our organisation has a multitude of stakeholders and these are either suppliers or consumers. All of whom are vested in our organisation: some of the primary stakeholders whom we will engage with include:


  • Clients

  • Government Ministers

  • Contract Managers

  • Service providers

  • Registered Training Organisation

  • Medical Services



Services & Resources Expansion

To ensure that we stay at the forefront of the AOD sector FORWAARD must develop and expand on our current profile. Accordingly, throughout the life of this plan, we will review or establish these and other relevant programs  

  • Treatment programs

  • Geographic coverage

  • Continuing Care Programs

  • Family Support Programs

  • Men’s Shed

  • Women’s Action room

Capacity Development

It has been identified that for our organisation to thrive we must ensure the development and capacity building of our team. In achieving this, we must ensure that the following is actioned:

  • Board training and development

  • Staff development

  • Volunteer support

  • Grow our own program


Key Initiatives

Stakeholder Engagement

In achieving  this Strategic Target, we will have participated in:


  • Functions, Forums and meetings

  • Participate on other Boards

  • Create a marketing scheme

  • Upgrade our website

  • Create non-government funding streams

  • Collaboratively engage with other likeminded organisation

Services & Resources Expansion

In achieving  this Strategic Target, we will have participated in:

  • Client centred service modelling

  • Regional Program development

  • Continuation of current contracts

  • Development of new programs

  • Foster new funding stream

  • Be financial sustainability


Capacity Development

In achieving  this Strategic Target, we will have:

  • Improve Board Governance capacity

  • Developed key staff to be Diploma qualified

  • Provided training for our Volunteers

  • Developed internal recruitment capability


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