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Corporate Overview

We are committed to the end game of rehabillitation through education, prevention and recovery.

- To be a leader in the field of alcohol and other substance misuse rehabilitation and be the provider of choice.

- Provide culturally appropriate specialised care and support services in the rehabilitation areas of, treatment, recovery, healing and education to minimise substance misuse and dependency amongst Aboriginal people through delivering culturally appropriate education, prevention and recovery programs.

- FORWAARD will support the best interests of our clients, by treating each of them with dignity and respect and protect their right to privacy and confidentiality.  FORWAARD pledges to provide each of our clients with the best opportunity to complete our programs, thereby significantly reducing the impact that substance misuse has on them.

- We are committed to providing specialised substance misuse rehabilitation and related services to improve Aboriginal health outcomes and the wellbeing of Aboriginal people and their families.

- FORWAARD aims to provide the highest quality of treatment and individual care by changing and influencing the attitude and behaviours of clients who enter into treatment programs.
The following outline the core services that are provided by FORWAARD Aboriginal Corporation
   •    Residential Rehabilitation and Day Services
   •    Advocacy and support
   •    Full medical assessments
   •    Cultural Activities
   •    Educational and training programs
   •    Continuing Care Services
   •    Pregnancy Support Services


The work of FORWAARD is guided by:

Excellence: We strive to provide the best service with continuous improvements to address the needs of our clients, their families and the community.

Governance: Good governance and effective organisational management.

Accountability: We are accountable for our actions and behaviours, both as individuals and as an organisation.

Quality of Service: We aim to provide high-quality treatment and care by always placing our clients at the centre of our
services and programs

Communication: FORWAARD values communication which is respectful, transparent and culturally appropriate

Culture: The heritage and cultural needs of Indigenous people are respected and that FORWAARD’s programs are culturally appropriate.

Client Satisfaction: We strive to provide excellent standards of care and service to meet the expectations of others.

Safety: We will provide our clients and staff with an environment which is safe and free from judgement.

Teamwork: We take pride in recognising and empowering staff in the importance and value of teamwork in keeping FORWAARD’s commitments to our clients.

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