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About us

An Overview of FORWAARD Aboriginal Corporation

FORWAARD Aboriginal Corporation is a quality certified, not for profit, Aboriginal controlled organisation which was established in 1967. As a corporation, our ethos has not changed in our five-plus decades of operations. In that, we provide a variety of rehabilitation programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are wanting to address their alcohol or drug use.

Through our treatment programs, FORWAARD enables people to integrate back into society reconnecting with their families and community. We provide a secure place for individuals to stay while they are recovering, in an environment that is culturally appropriate and supportive of efforts at rehabilitation. While we predominantly support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, we will, and always have assisted any person who is genuinely seeking and needing our services.

We provide client centred, holistic programs, focusing on all aspects of an individuals social and emotional wellbeing. As part of our program, we explore the positive impact that harm minimisation has on a person, their family and community. We will provide a variety of life skills, financial and work placement training, all the while supporting clients and providing them with the tools needed to overcome their alcohol or drug misuse.

FORWAARD Aboriginal Corporation assists people in need by:

  • Providing Alcohol and Drug Awareness/Prevention Programs with the community 

  • Delivering a 12-week Alcohol and Other Drugs Residential Rehabilitation Programs

  • Delivering a 12-week Alcohol and Other Drugs Day Rehabilitation Programs

  • Offering Continuing Care support, for people who have graduated from our rehabilitation program.

  • Presenting educational and support programs for families impacted by the effects of Alcohol and Drugs

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