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Continual Care

As an Aboriginal controlled, Not for Profit Company, FORWAARD Aboriginal Corporation has a clear focus on supporting and assisting predominantly Aboriginal people suffering from alcohol and drug misuse. While our 25-bed rehabilitation service is suitable for the initial treatment and care of clients. We have, throughout our many years of development, observed that clients are more likely to master their addictive behaviours. If they can have additional support, beyond the securer environment of the rehabilitation centre.


Accordingly, FORWAARD Aboriginal Corporation is providing a Continual Care program for those clients who have completed a rehabilitation program with a recognised Alcohol and Other Drug rehabilitation service. Our Continuing Care program enables our guests to stay in a residential setting for up to twelve months whilst under the general guidance of our Continuing Care Supervisors.


The intent of this program is to provide guests with living and life skills in a residential setting, which is sheltered from compulsive opportunities all the while, having the backing of our qualified Continuing Care Supervisors. Potential guests will need to apply for a room within our home, and they will be interviewed for suitability by our Continuing Care team. If deemed suitable, guests will need to sign a contract agreeing to the condition of our Transitional Home.


Further, we expect that when our guests enter our home, they will be either at work or in education/training. If our guest is unable to find work and is not in training, then our dedicated team will assist them to find work, while they undertake a volunteer role with a charitable organisation.


If you would like more information about our Continuing Care Services and our Transitional home, please see the brochure attached to this page or contact Kelli on 08 8923 6666 or via email at

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