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FORWAARD Aboriginal Corporation’s Treatment Program has been developed to enable our Treatment Team to provide support programs for any individual who is seeking to address their alcohol or drug dependency.

FORWAARD Aboriginal Corporation assists people to integrate back into society, and reconnect with their community and families. We provide a secure place for individuals to stay, in an environment that is culturally appropriate and supportive of efforts at rehabilitation. While we predominantly support Aboriginal People in our programs, our Treatment Team will assist any person genuinely wanting our support.

We provide a holistic program for our clients, and we do this by focusing on the whole person.  We have devloped stratigies to deal with triggers to addiction, and we will also explore the impact addictive habits have on the entire family and broader community. Further, we will delve into topics such as financial management, healthily living and life styles, and we will provide life skills support which includes cooking skills, personal hygiene and relationship building. We also offer opportunities for our clients to integrating back into society.

One methodology that we have found to be particularly advantageous, is to take our clients on community visits. Here clients have an opportunity to mingle with people of the community, learning or relearning life skills without Alcohol and Drugs. Current programs that we provide include:

  • Work placement programs

  • Community sporting programs such as touch football and volleyball

  • Community support and volunteering opportunities.


The programs we offer, provides opportunities for our clients to associate with people whom in the main have chosen healthy lifestyles, we have found that this methodology is paramount for the recovery of our clients.

Another factor in the support our treatment program, is the people within our Treatment Team. These individuals are dedicated, experience and highly skilled, all of whom have the same goal, and that is to support our clients through their recovery journey.

The FORWAARD Aboriginal Corporation Treatment Team are able to achieve this goal because we provide you with:

  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness/Prevention Programs for our clients.

  • A 12-week residential rehabilitation program or a 12 week day rehabilitation program

  • Cultural programs and culturally appropriate programs

  • Group and individual counselling and case management session.

  • Work ready programs

  • Community and family programs

  • Excursions and/or sporting opportunities

  • And so much more.

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