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Womens Support Services

As an Aboriginal controlled, Not for Profit Company, FORWAARD Aboriginal Corporation has a clear focus on supporting and assisting people suffering from alcohol and drug challenges. Accordingly, in 2021 FORWAARD introduced our Women’s Support
program. This program was developed from the successful; Pregnancy program, which commenced in 2019. Our Women’s Support program aims to empower women who suffer from alcohol or other drug concerns to grow and get well in a community of like-minded women.
The team at FORWAARD believes that our Women’s Support Program is essential for women who struggle with AOD challenges as it provides opportunities for women to support women in a caring, dignified alcohol and drug treatment program. Additionally, and like all of the programs offered at FORWAARD, they are client centred, responsive, supportive and culturally sensitive.
Through our six-bed Women’s Support Service, clients will have the assistance of a multi-disciplinary and multi-agency program, providing comprehensive care for women’s needs. FORWAARD Case Managers will coordinate and oversee all the professionals
involved in this program to ensure that participants have the best possible experience and support for their wellbeing and growth.
If you think that this program is for you or if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact FORWAARD by phone on 8923 6666 or via e-mail at

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